Installation Guide

Installing Kiali for production.

This section describes the production installation methods available for Kiali.

The recommended way to deploy Kiali is via the Kiali Operator, either using Helm Charts or OperatorHub.

The Kiali Operator is a Kubernetes Operator and manages your Kiali installation. It watches the Kiali Custom Resource (Kiali CR), a YAML file that holds the deployment configuration.


Hardware and Software compatibility and requirements.

Install via Helm

Using Helm to install the Kiali Operator or Server.

Install via OperatorHub

Using OperatorHub to install the Kiali Operator.

The Kiali CR

Creating and updating the Kiali CR.

Accessing Kiali

Accessing and exposing the Kiali UI.

Advanced Install

Advanced installation options.

Example Install

Installing two Kiali servers via the Kiali Operator.